NAPE tackles Nigeria’s oil reserves challenges, rallies Osinbajo for Confab


Highest body of Petroleum explorationists in Nigeria, Nigeria Association of Petroleum Explorationists, (NAPE) has declared plans to host country’s vice president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, and other top government and industry leaders to a discourse on emerging Concepts, opportunities and Challenges to Nigeria’s Hydrocarbon Reserves.

President of NAPE,
Alex Tarka, who declared this at a virtual press conference to announce the group’s 2020 international Conference and Exhibition, noted that the association, which clocked 45 this year, has tremendously contributed to the development of the oil and gas industry.

Stating that the marginal bid round, offshore development among other key policies in Nigeria today are the brainchildren of NAPE, Tarka said that the next conference of the group would also proffer solutions to other key challenges facing the industry.

He also added his voice at the press briefing, to the urgent need for infrastructure development as key to a vibrant and sustainable oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

The virtual press briefing was moderated by the Publicity Secretary of NAPE, Abdullateef Amodu with the President-elect in attendance.

Platforms Africa reports that the briefing attended by journalists from local and foreign media was to herald the 38th edition of NAPE’s (Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists) November 2020 International Conference and Exhibition with the theme, “Accelerating Growth in Nigeria’s Hydrocarbon Reserves: Emerging Concepts, Challenges and Opportunities.”

For Tarka and everyone in attendance, technology and infrastructure are both bedrocks and also a sine qua non.

He said: “Technology is at the heart of all the significant achievements in the oil and gas industry. The way hydrocarbon was discovered, developed and produced has been impacted by revolutionary technologies that have emerged since the Drake Well of 1859.”

Maintaining therefore that Nigeria must move with the train or risk being embroiled in a long drawn, long term oil and gas supply disruptions ever imagined or recorded since exploration and production began.

Going almost virtual for the first time since its formation in 1975 resulting from covid-19, nevertheless has assembled experts with vast knowledge of the industry to exhaustively address several pre-workshop conference and technical papers, all of which are billed to start on November 16 2020.

Some issues to be addressed by the conference unclude, “How Best to Accelerate Nigeria’s Reserves Growth Opportunities, Finding Novel Concepts and Approaches in Geophysics, as well as Understanding the Emerging Technical and Current Applications in Exploration and Production.”

A constructive swipe will also be provided on several other issues across the industry value chain, which will include Health, Safety, Security and the Environmental among others.

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