Nigerians less worried of COVID-19, more about Poverty, Insecurity – Survey


Nigerians are less worried about COVID-19 pandemic which has killed over 1, 300 people in the last nine months.

A Survey by Infotrak Research and Consulting, which revealed this, added that they are more worried about insecurity, unemployment, poverty, corruption and high cost of living.

According to Infotrak, the survey was conducted between December 27 and December 29, 2020, while 26 states across the six geopolitical zones were covered.

A chart showing inflation

The poll shows that only seven per cent of respondents expressed worry over COVD-19 than other issues ahead of them in 2021.

16 per cent of those surveyed, the poll showed, placed insecurity and crime as their major worry for the year, while 14 per cent indicated that it was unemployment.

About 13 per cent of those surveyed said the high cost of living was their major worry in 2021, while 12 per cent indicated that it was poverty.

About 10 per cent indicated that corruption was their major concern, while just seven per cent noted that COVID-19 would be their major worry in 2021.

Disaggregating the data in terms of geopolitical zone, findings indicate that 25 per cent of persons living in the troubled North-East say that their number one worry is insecurity, while in the South-West, only nine per cent of respondents say insecurity is their primary worry.

North-East respondents have the highest fear of a COVID-19 outbreak at 11 per cent, while the North-Central has the lowest at just two per cent.

The poll further shows that 25 per cent of Nigerians believe the economy will get worse this year, while 18 per cent believe insecurity will worsen.

The North-Central has the highest sense of optimism in 2021 at 26 per cent while the South-East has the lowest at just eight per cent.
Overall, about 61 per cent of Nigerians surveyed believe that 2021 would be a better year than 2020.

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