ONIDUROMI Singer Makes 1st Video after Tope Alabi’s Attack + FULL REACTION

“Warm up your spirit and go to church with an intention to change something (bad attitude) in your life,” Adeyinka Alaseyori said after Tope Alabi queried her song inspiration from ‘Holy Spirit’


Gospel singer, Adeyinka Alaseyori, has released the first video of herself after another popular singer, Tope Alabi, attacked her and her hit song, Oniduromi (my guarantor).

Alaseyori who was seen worshipping God with a caption admonishing her followers to go to church with an intention today, demonstrated her communication to the holy spirit.

She has been dragged by Alabi who said that the name Alaseyori called God in her hit album, ONIDUROMI, showed that she did not get inspiration from ‘Holy Spirit.’

“God is not Oniduromi. I once wanted to sing the song but I was cautioned by the Holy Spirit. If the singer gets inspiration from holy spirit, she will know that God is more than a guarantor. And, at times when you even get raw message from the Spirit you need to use your brain and digest it in a bid not to sing rubbish,” she said in the video that went viral.


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In the video making the rounds on social media, Tope Alabi inisted that God isn’t her guarantor because He’s more than a guarantor.


According to Tope Alabi, if Adeyinka Alaseyori had sung the song from the Holy Spirit’s leading, she would understand that God is more than a guarantor and will not say such a word.

Shunning Tope Alabi’s criticisms, Adeyinka Alaseyori shared a video of herself worshipping God on Instagram moments ago with this caption below:
“People of God you know how we do it on sunday. Warm up your spirit and go to church with an intention to change something in your life.

Pay attention more, not just the sermon but the choir ministration. Do not sing the songs like an anthem even if you know all the lyrics, let it sink.


Pay attention to the sermon and let it sink in.
Pray and ask Holy Spirit to help you not to pray amiss.
God is still very much in the business of blessing his own. Give God a chance today.”

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