Meet Musa Hasadji, Man With 10 Wives, 98 Children, 568 Grandchildren

Meet Musa Hasadji, Man With 10 Wives, 98 Children, 568 Grandchildren

I Can’t Remember All Their Names, Hasadji, 67 year-old man with biggest family in the World, speaks on his 666 offsprings, declares polygamy is a gift from God

One man has 10 wives, 98 children, and 568 grandchildren. There are more than seven hundred members in the family. It is said that this family is the biggest family in the world.

67-year-old Musa Hasadji, who lives in the Butaleja district of the African country of Uganda, is the head of the family. Musa said he had ten wives and they all lived together in the same house. He has 98 children from 10 wives. From these children, he has 568 grandchildren. Musa called polygamy a gift from God.

He claimed to be the only husband in Uganda to have so many wives. When Musa was asked if he knew the names of all his children and grandchildren? In this, he said that he could distinguish them but could not remember all of their names. Musa said that when he was 17 years old, his first child was born. Many of Musa’s children are married, many are studying.

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Mysa with cross section of his family members

Musa also built huts for their children near the house. Musa’s elder wife is Hanifa Hasadji and his younger wife is Kakaji. The age of Kakaji is younger than the age of many of the grandchildren of Musa. Musa says, “His cycle lasted for ten marriages, but now he doesn’t want to get married”.

Musa’s younger wife, Kakaji, said that if her husban marries many times, there will be no problem and they will take care of her. All of his wives cook separately but every member lives in the same house. These wives of Musa come from different parts of Uganda. During his first marriage, Musa gave his wife three cows and four goats as dowry.


When he married his second wife, the same amount of dowry was given. Musa said that after two marriages, he felt that his cows and goats were running out quickly. Then in the next marriage, he started giving two cows as dowry. Musa said that the year was very difficult when he had 30 children, and the crops planted were not produced well. The business also failed and the family ran out of food. However, this phase of the crisis has passed and the family is back on track. Musa said there were only two members in the family he was born into.

The family’s income was low, due to which he had to drop out of school. After his first marriage, Musa started a millet-selling business. At first, they used to take the train from Gulu station to Kampala to market. The business Musa was successful, then he bought a cow. In this situation, his identity became a successful person in his field. After that, Musa married another woman.

Even the family members of these women could not deny it. Musa said that he also started the business of mutton and chicken. Then a time came when he had hundreds of goats. Musa said that he started from zero, and he became a successful businessman after getting the fruits of his hard work. Musa owns many acres of land, where he grows many crops.

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