He Stabbed Her Neck 41 Times, How Husband Killed Wife In Hotel Room

A British tourist has been arrested after allegedly stabbing his wife to death with a screwdriver in their Turkish hotel room following a row.

The 26-year-old woman was found dead at around 12:30pm local time on Tuesday, November 14, in a hotel in Istanbul’s Fatih Mevlanakapı District.

Hotel staff reported hearing ‘sounds’ coming from a room and found the victim ‘lying in a pool of blood’. Medical teams arrived later and pronounced her dead.


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The woman was discovered with lacerations on her throat and across her body, examiners concluding she had been killed with a screwdriver.

Turkish police launched an investigation and found her husband, 28, wearing a bloodied white T-shirt after trying to take a taxi away from the scene.

The suspect confessed to the murder and said that he threw the screwdriver into the toilet in the hotel room.

Upon his arrest, the suspect was interrogated at the Homicide Bureau.

He claimed that the victim gave him drugs on the day of the attack, leading to a row, according to Turkish media.

The couple argued, he said, before he repeatedly stabbed his partner with the screwdriver, killing her.

In a statement to the police, he said he was using medication due to ‘psychological disorders’.

He admitted to fleeing the scene after hiding the evidence.

Police managed to catch the suspect by contacting the taxi driver and asking them to go to the nearest police station or police enforcement point
The suspect was seen being led away from the Istanbul Police Department after his arrest, pictured in Turkish media in handcuffs and with his head held down.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The couple was reported to have arrived in Turkey on November 11, having flown to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. They settled into their hotel on November 14, where the victim was later found dead.

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