Nigerian Energy Editors Unveil Date, Theme for NAEC 2024 Int’l Conference

We are raising the bar, focusing on solutions to energy transition, gas-to-power conundrums, underscoring Nigeria’s energy prosperity,” Organisers speak on what to expect

Top energy industry leaders and experts are expected to converge in Lagos on October 3, at the Association of Energy Correspondents of Nigeria (NAEC) Annual International Energy Conference

The organiser revealed that the conference will focus on the role of natural gas as an energy transition fuel, addressing Nigeria’s Trilemma of Finance, Energy Security, and International Politics.

National Chairman of NAEC, Ugo Amadi, in a statement signed and released to the media on Monday stated that the captivating lineup of activities for the association’s 2024 conference, promises to tackle Nigeria’s most pressing energy challenges head-on.

Amadi said the conference’s main theme, “Gas as Energy Transition Fuel: Navigating Nigeria’s Trilemma of Finance, Energy Security, and International Politics,” was carefully curated to address the critical national discourse and provide strategic solutions to guarantee Nigeria’s energy security and sustainable future.

The conference would, accirding to him, feature a dedicated session on “Actualizing the Decade of Gas: Powering Nigeria’s Energy Sufficiency, Industrialization, and Economic Prosperity,” and other sessions that will talk about the pivotal role of natural gas in driving Nigeria’s energy sufficiency, industrialization, and overall economic prosperity.

The NAEC Chairman further emphasised that the third session of the conference with the topic: “Solving the Gas-To-Power Debacle: Unlocking Investments For NESI, Analysing Tariff Adjustment, Frequent Grid Collapses, and 6,100 MW Target by December for Sustainable Growth

He noted that the session promises to tackle the longstanding challenges in the gas-to-power sector, unlocking investments, addressing tariff adjustments, and achieving the ambitious 6,100 MW target for sustainable growth.

Amadi emphasized that the 2024 Conference, marking the inaugural edition under his new leadership of NAEC, will serve as a pivotal platform for influential figures to exchange insights, knowledge, and peer-reviewed analyses concerning the opportunities and challenges confronting the diminishing investments in Nigeria’s energy sector.

Meanwhile Adeola Yusuf, Chairman of the NAEC 2024 Conference Committee, in his remark revealed that the upcoming conference promises to be a game-changer for the Nigerian energy industry.

According to Yusuf, Team Lead of Platforms Africa, the conference would bring together a diverse array of players, including ministers, CEOs, industry captains, regulators, lawmakers, and other key stakeholders, adding that with the participation of industry leaders and experts, the event promises to deliver actionable insights and innovative strategies to propel the sector forward.

He further added the conference would be a catalyst for unlocking investments, enhancing energy security, and driving sustainable development in Nigeria’s energy landscape.

The Chairman of the NAEC 2024 Conference Committee emphasised that the highly anticipated details of the keynote speakers and major sponsors for this groundbreaking event will be released in a subsequent statement to be released for publication in all major newspapers, television, and radio stations in Nigeria.

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