N900k Sent To Me In Error Belongs To God, I Won’t Return It – Pastor To Owner

A pastor has sparked outrage after declining to return N900,000 that was erroneously deposited into his account by a church member. The member had intended to transfer N100,000 as a donation but accidentally sent N1,000,000 instead. Upon realizing the mistake, the member promptly contacted the pastor, expecting a swift return of the excess amount.

However, the pastor’s response left the member stunned. According to the member, the pastor claimed that the N900,000 excess was a “divine provision” and therefore belonged to God. This assertion has raised eyebrows and sparked controversy within the church community.

The member, who wishes to remain anonymous, expressed disappointment and shock at the pastor’s refusal to return the funds. “I was expecting a prompt return of the excess amount, but instead, the pastor claimed it was a divine provision. I’m deeply disappointed and feel betrayed by someone I trusted,” the member said.


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The incident has raised questions about the pastor’s integrity and handling of church finances. Some members have called for an investigation into the matter, while others have expressed concern about the pastor’s interpretation of “divine provision.”

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