FCMB Customers lose millions, tongue-lash Bank over 4-day network glitch


The First City Monument Bank (FCMB) with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, has been taken to the cleaners by its customers who were enraged by the four days’ crash in network suffered by the bank.

The customers who took to the micro blogging site, Twitter, to express their anger, alleged that they lost millions of naira due to alleged “insensitivity of the bank shown through its network issue.”

They cried out over the lender’s persisting network issues.

A National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member who is a customer of the bank, Nnamdi, with Twitter handle @ZealNnamdi, wrote; “I was on queue for about 1hr 30 mins just for my transaction to be declined by this rubbish bank “FCMB” but do you know what’s funny? I went to the bank without TF, I had to beg for TF to go back home. I no blame una @MyFCMB sha na NYSC cause am.”

Another customer with Twitter handle, British Son @british_son, said that he was so livid that the bank could allow the network problem lasted for four days.

“See I’ve been calming down but now I’m livid. FCMB‘s system has crashed. Nothing is working. Four days now and they’re only explanation is a Text message. I called Customer Care, they said I’m number 45 on the line and I should wait 55 mins with my own CREDIT. I CAN’T BREATHE.”

His view was corroborated by anither customer with handle, @JC_Jokes.

“FCMB use una money play Man City straight win for FA Cup,” he wrote.

@PhiloeEsq, another handle went ahead to.mock the bank.

“It’s like FCMB used their money to pick Liverpool double chance, cause since Arsenal win that match, nothing dey work,” the customer wrote on his handle.

Here is what @unclemidetush, another handle wrote; “FCMB, day 4 of network failure. What sort of rubbish?! Repeated reversal, no access to mobile app, transaction(s) declined. I’m about to lose it. I need to suck breasts”

The comments of others are also presented below.

Mayowa Olagunju wrote on @iam_doctormayor; “Some banks should be closed and their halls turned to warehouses. FCMB is down for almost a week”

NG£ROUS @ItzKingJeff added; “FCMB na Bank? sounds like football club of una leader.”

The bank has however apologised for the network issue it experienced.

The annoying network glitch that had almost crippled the online channels of FCMB for days now has been resolved.

Announcing this news to customers, the bank in a text message thanked customers for their patience and apologized for every inconvenience suffered during the glitch.

The message reads: “Dear Customer, we are pleased to inform you that service is back on our channels. We sincerely apologise for every inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”


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