Nigeria’s ex-minister, Fani-Kayode Under Fire for calling Journalist Stupid

A Nigerian former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has landed himself in trouble waters for calling a journalist with Daily Trust, Mr. Eyo Charles, stupid.

Eyo, the Cross Rivers State correspondent of the Newspaper asked Fani-Kayode who after leaving office over five years ago was on a tour of project in the state, the identity of the person or institution that is bankrolling his tour.

Rather than providing an answer to the question, the politician known for his many controversies wore a toga of bully refering to Eyo as being stupid to have asked him such a stupid question.

Threatening to report him to his publisher for having the temerity to ask such a question, Fani-Kayode declared; “when I saw you I saw stupid(ity) written on your forehead.

“Bankrolling? Me? A lawyer who has been in politics since 1999? I spend, I don’t take. You are very stupid. And in your entire life don’t ever ask me such a stupid question,” he said, as walked out angily on all the journalists at the briefing.

The show of shame by the Nigerian politician against a journalist who, in line of duty, asked a question was recorded in video which has immediately gone viral.

The video has drawn the rage of journalists from across Africa.

An Accra-based veteran journalist, Francis KOTUTSE, who saw the video on leading WhatsApp group in Africa, Platforms Africa forum, declared that he felf so sad at the way Mr. Fani kayode addressed a journalist who has only asked him a simple question.

“I feel sad at the way the man responded to the journalist.

“He is lucky, l am not the Editor, otherwise, tomorrow morning, he will feel sorry for being born. I learned that from my former Editor, you don’t touch his “Anointed Reporters.”

“The questiin is simply, “Who is bankrolling you,” if it true, you say so, if not, you say just that. Now he has created a whole story about himself.”

Another veteran journalist on the forum, Oladele Amoda, said; “This is what you get when you operate in a society where leaders cannot be called to account. Upbraiding a journalist in such a manner is so shameful, to say the least.. He said ‘I spend. I don’t take’. That’s a lie from the pit of hell! I haven’t seen a politician in this clime who is a Father Christmas! There must be some truth in what the hapless journalist had said. The NUJ should stop covering his events until he publicly apologize for such an uncouth display.”

An awarding winning journalist, Adeola Yusuf, added; “Sad. So sad. Nigeria’s ex-minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, (FFK) bullying a journalist with Daily Trust after the journalist asked him “who is bankrolling his (FFK’s) tour of project.”

“The shame is actually on FFK not on the journalist who was in line of duty. His intention was to bully the guy and shut him down permanently. He failed!

“Millions of people from across the World are now aware of FFK’s tour and, not only the #DailyTrust journalist, we all demand #WhoIsBankrollingFFK?”

Another accomplished journalist, Mike Oduniyi said; “I am annoyed at that reporter and his colleagues (and I learnt they are C/River state house correspondents). I can’t imagine I was the one that I asked that question and he faced me like that. Haba!”

Reacting to Adeniyi’s comment, Yakubu Lawal, a veteran joyrnalist said; “It can only happen at that level and he will get away with it. Thank God he mentioned the media house the reporter represents .let us wait and see what Daily Trust editors will do.”

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