Trump alleges Fraud, declares self Winner of US Election


With results from 10 states still being expected and millions of legitimate ballots left to count, Donald Trump has, in one sweep, declared an unsupported victory, alleged fraud in the election and declared plan to head to the Supreme Court.

“Frankly we did win this election,” he claims, speaking in subdued tone. He suggests – without evidence – that election “fraud” has occurred.

“This is an embarrassment to our country,” he says, adding that he plans to go to the Supreme Court to fight election results.

Millions of votes in the 2020 election are yet to be counted and the president has no credibility in claiming a victory, reports the BBC.
Speaking earlier, Trump thanked his family, and the millions of supporters who turned out for him tonight.
“We were getting ready for a big celebration,” he says. “We were winning everything.”

Taking a triumphant tone, Trump celebrates his big win of the night in Florida.
“We didn’t win it, we won it by a lot,” he says.
He also claims a lead in Pennsylvania – just like rival Joe Biden did earlier on election night. It is still too early to determine a winner in the state.

Despite winning key states like Ohio, Florida, Texas, Trump is currently trailing his challenger Joe Biden on electoral colleges votes after 120 million votes have been called nationwide.
After 40 states have announced their results Biden has 220 electoral colleges votes to Trump’s 213.

Results from 10 states are still being expected.

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