Popular Nigerian TV personality, Lara Wise, contracts COVID-19 + PHOTOS


“Exactly one month ago, I tested positive for COVID-19,” a popular personality on Television in Nigeria, Lara Wise, has declared.

Wise, a former reporter at The Voice of America, Washighton DC, and a popular face on Africa Independent Television (AIT) as well as Silverbird TV, is an aide to the country’s Deputy Senate President.

Wise in isolation according to her Facebook update

She announced her status on her Facebook page on Sunday, January 3, 2020, with statement which indicated that she has now tested negative for the dreaded virus, Platforms Africa can report authoritatively.

Here below is what she wrote on Facebook.

Wise (right) during one of her COVID-19 tests


Exactly one month ago, I tested positive for Covid.
I have been in isolation since then.
Two weeks after, repeat test came back still positive….
Terrible terrible journey!

Exactly a month after, today, I got the confirmation I have been waiting for….

I’ll share my story later in the week. For now I am just too excited and grateful to God. Grateful for mercy and for Grace 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Pictures taken at different stages of recovery…


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