How my son impregnated me, my daughter aborted for dad, brother — Banker


A social media user who identified herself as a female staff of one of Tier 1 banks in Nigeria has narrated how she got pregnant for her son, who also impregnated his younger sister.

The agonising wife and mother narrated her story to an Instagram page for family issues: Beyond Intimacy (BI).

According to the woman, who sought for the protection of her identity, loneliness in her marriage drove her to molest her son sexually from the age of 12.

She said that her son was the only male companion in her life because she was working in a bank and her husband was living in different state.

She wrote: “Bi pls attend to me. I would have written to you in Facebook but I’m scared not to write to a wrong acct.
“It’s a mess for me right now.

“I know I should have spoken up earlier. I’m 40 and I have a son 19 and 2 daughters 16 and 12 months old.

“Loneliness in marriage not living with my husband pushed me into molesting my son sexually.

“Started when he was 12. I would put him on-top of me, make him touch me and the rest.

“It got so bad that I was scared of him telling anyone so I stopped him from going to school not associating with anyone till he clocked 16.

“It got to a point my own son would make moves to have me which ends up happening.

“I and my husband are very busy people. He stays in a different state all together.

“It was the point when I missed my period and knew it was pregnancy and something I’ve always wanted with my husband but wasn’t forthcoming that I realised I had gotten pregnant for my son.

“Abortion wasn’t an option considering my age so I quickly traveled to meet with my husband and sealed it up.

“It’s my deepest secret.
“Pls don’t judge me ma.

“My son started sleeping with his sister under my nose, it was that bad that I didn’t know when my daughter started her mensuration to the point of getting pregnant and having an abortion.

“My life played before me on 27th December after she had collapsed from over dose of misoprostol but currently being treated.

“I have interrogated her and found out that the dog of a man I married was the first to lay with her when she visited him for holidays.

“Under my nose. The situation is messy for me. I don’t know what to do.

“Hide my identity.
“Before you judge and condemn me, I want you to know that no one is perfect.
“I work in a bank and my son was the only male companion I had.

“Pls help me. I don’t know where to start BI. I’m on my knees ma’am pls help a daughter.

“My daughter has been with my husband since lockdown at Bonny and has aborted twice.

“My husband introduced her to the drugs she used. Even if you won’t help, kindly post for me.

“I want to make things right. I have decided to resign from my job.”

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