Boko Haram closes in on Abuja, hoists flag 200km to Nigeria’s seat of power

Dirty details of how Boko Haram and bandits elements seized women from their husbands and shared them among their commanders, fighters in settlements less than 2 hours drive to Abuja



Abuja, administrative capital of Nigeria, “is not safe anymore.” Boko Haram and bandits elements have closed in on the territory, “hoisted flag in Kauri, a sleepy settlement in Niger State, less than 2 hours drive from the Nigeria’s seat of power.”

Platforms Africa reports that the Governor of Niger State, a neighbouring state to Abuja, Abubakar Sani Bello, who declared this to newsmen, maintained that several women have been seized from their husbands and now forcefully shared among the commanders of the insurgents now in control of some communities in the state.

Niger state is one of the shortesst-distanced states from Abuja. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Niger and Abuja is 130 km= 81 miles, according to If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Niger to Abuja, It takes 0.14 hours to arrive.

Video of Bello speaking on this ugly development has, according to checks by Platforms Africa, gone viral.

Bello addressing journalists

The Governor who disclosecd that he had made several calls to the federal government on this before it got to this new dangerous level, added; “they are now here. The Boko Haram and bandits elements are now in Niger state. Just like what they did in Sambisa, they have hoisted their flag in Kauri, less than 2 hours drive to Abuja.

“Now, Abuja too is not safe. They have already sacked many communities, they have taken women forcefully from their husbands and shared then among their fighters.”

Bello continued; “The situation is critical and it’s terrible. Last night, we have over 3000 (people) from communities that have been displaced by Boko Haram and bandits elements around Munya and Shiroro local government.

“However, some of them have started returning home but we have vast majority that will remain here. Their towns have been taken over by bandits and Boko Haram elements. Their wives have been seized and forcefully attached to Boko haram elements. In fact, I have learnt that they have hoisted their flag in Kauri, they have taken over the territory.”

The government and people of Niger state “are calling on the Federal Government to help us. It is the responsibility of all of us. Even Abuja too is not safe if this is allowed to continue,” he said.

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