How Nigeria can win war against insecurity – Muslim Cleric


A notable cleric, Alhaji (Sheikh) Buhari Ajilogba the Ajanosi of Epe kingdom, has declared that Nigerians should consider themselves stakeholders if the country must win the war against insecurity.

Buhari, who was the Guest lecturer at the Epe Club 70s Special Ramandan Public Lecture 2021, called on Nigerians to be united in stemming the tide of insecurity and ensure peace in the country.

Platforms Africa reports tha the lecture was held at the club house in Ita-Marun, Epe, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria.

The Guest lecturer who spoke on “The benefit of unity,” said according to prophet Muhammed (SAW); “The good people among you are those who unite with each others without any discrimination”

The leacturer lauded the effort of the Club towards propagating lslam and uniting youths within the community, adding that Nigerians should consider themselves stakeholders if the country must win the war against insecurity.

According to him, This is the period we all come together to refresh our minds and pray collectively to the progress, unity and mutual understanding of our great country.

“That is why l commended the Epe Club 70s for this laudable initiative. l urge other vibrant Clubs within the community to emulate this and foster more unity among our teaming youths.

“Our most immediate challenge now is to bring our disparate people together and pull down our barriers; otherwise, we can not build.

“Issues of development, although absolutely important are not the most immediate.

“No one without an implementable solutions on the questions of unity and justice for all regardless of ethnicity and creeds, should have their names to protect,” he said.

He therefore urged the President and members of Epe club 70s to consider themselves and allow unity and love to be their watchwords.

He said “Belonging to a club unifies people to achieve a common goal and impacts positively on the entire community.

“According to Islamic view, unity helps us manage ourselves and also brings a lot of blessings” he pointed out.

In his remarks, the President of Epe Club 70s, Mr Ibrahim Sanuth commended members and their families for the massive turnout, adding that Ramandan Public Lecture is an annual programme held by the club for the purpose of bringing all club members, families and friends together especially now that they have a club house.

Sanuth added that the Ramadan lecture provides an avenue to give back to the society, educating them on the need to be part of a club.

He said ” this is the time to give out to the society and this is quite different from the one we had last year and I pray we’ll have a better one next years,

“May Allah provide a way out of Covid 19 and guide us properly so that we can get back to our normal lives.

The president reasoned that many people today have the notion that a club is meant for just eating, drinking and getting entertained, but it goes beyond that.

In his words” we want people to know we belong to a club in order to have a positive impact collectively and individually on the society and to our families. Since we started about 18 years ago, we have successfully executed quite a good number of projects, at Epe general Hospital, we provided chairs and television at the waiting room so as to make patients comfortable before they’ll be attended to, we have provided bed spread to health centers across the division, we have carried out empowerment programs, during the lockdown we distributed relief package to the vulnerable right at their door posts and recently we organized seminars to enlighten the youths on the things they need to do to succeed in life.

He also stated that cultism is a serious issue which needs critical attention and awareness.

He added that parents have a huge responsibility to train their children and inculcate good values that will enable them become responsible and shun social values.

“Parents should teach their children to mind their peers and to cherish their name and become responsible in the society because if anything happens, their family’s name is at stake.

“Government cannot do it alone, the youths need to be empowered and given carrier talks and seminar. The religious leaders also have a role also to play in helping the youth by focusing more on morals than success “

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