Enthralling, enterprising, enthusiastic, entertaining, and energetic are not enough adjectives to qualify the personality and performance of King Sunny Ade who is a compelling and captivating charmer on all fronts!

For now, I don’t think we have a better performer than the King himself. His astonishing understanding of music distinguished him from his contemporaries.

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A talented and skillful musician. The combination of his being a great singer and phenomenal showman made a unique spectacle. For me, aside from his melodious music, his graceful and intricate network of body movements— a flamboyant style of choreography with his band guys— is the icing on the cake.

King Sunny Ade early years

His complicated dance moves are a testament to the aforesaid. He is incontestably innovative and original with his performances.

Overall, his musical energy is legendary and his sense of musicianship is excellent.

It’s 76 hearty cheers to my father’s Favorite (Odolaye Bàá Waki Aremu): Happy Birthday to a king and more!


ADiSA writes in from Abeokuta, Southwest Nigeria

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