1,301 Die During 2024 Hajj Pilgrimage – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Health Minister, Fahd al-Jalajel, has reported a significant loss of life during this year’s Hajj pilgrimage, with 1,301 pilgrims confirmed dead.

The minister revealed this information during a broadcast on state television.

A substantial majority of the deceased, 83%, undertook the pilgrimage without the necessary permits, which compelled them to walk extensive distances under the harsh sun. This lack of authorization led to severe heat stress among many pilgrims, culminating in the high mortality rate.

Al-Jalajel expressed deep regret over the deaths, noting that the unauthorized pilgrims faced harsh conditions, including exposure to intense sunlight without adequate shelter. “We dealt with large numbers of people affected by heat stress,” he said, “Regrettably, the number of mortalities reached 1,301.”


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The identities of the deceased were verified, and they were given respectful burials in Mecca. The minister also highlighted the extensive healthcare efforts provided during the Hajj, with approximately 1.3 million preventive services and over 465,000 treatment services rendered, including 141,000 for unauthorized pilgrims.

This tragedy underscores the critical importance of adhering to regulations and the challenges faced by healthcare providers during the Hajj. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to emphasize the need for proper authorization to ensure the safety and well-being of all pilgrims.

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