Analyst underscores danger ahead good governance in Nigeria

The cause of bad governance in Nigeria has become multifaceted but mostly traced to corruption and poor leadership, a Nigeria-based current affairs analyst, Azeem Salako, has said.

Salako, who, according to a statement, said this during an interactive session in Ota, Ogun state, admonished political elites in the country against being instrumental to bringing some ill-prepared people into politics.

Refering to the ill-prepared politicians as “impromptu politicians,” Salako concluded exposing them to leadership without prior training and experience could be destructive.

“Speaking as a guest lecturer in the interactive session entitled; “True representation, democracy and Nigeria political class,” he said that good governance is achieved when the people are well represented by one who is truly from among them.

“It is sad to know that most of the people entrusted with high political positions especially at the local levels of government are mostly people who do not have a hitherto relationship with the people,” he said.

Representatives, he continued; “must not only have an ancestral lineage with the represented but they must be those with economic, historical, and psychological semblance of the people they want to represent, or those who have effectively socialize with the political culture of the place they intend to practice politics.”

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