+ FULL VIDEO of the moments the champion shed tears uncontrollably


“Nigeria, the proud African nation, are on top of the World tonight,” the commentator declares. And, then the National Anthem!

ARISE, O COMPATRIOTS (from Tobi, tears immediately begin to flow)

NIGERIA’S CALL OBEY (she sobs, unwittingly but slowly lifts her left hand to veil the tears, good thing, she manages to wipe some, hide some)

TO SERVE OUR FATHER’S LAND (she tries hard to adorn a strong-face on a face already messed up by tears)

WITH LOVE AND STRENGTH AND FAITH (now, the length of her lips becomes longer as they stretch horizontally in clear attempt by a heart that labours to stay strong and not give or let out the teeth, cheeks wrinkle to create a comma-like-shape of drainages for flowing tears at both angles of her lips, the nose almost submerged and being ferried away by the rains of tears raining uncontrollably at this moment. Slowly, she lowers her head, quickly shakes off some of the tears that have excessively soaked her jaw, she heaves heavily and gently raises a face with eyeballs tears have turned to red)

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THAT LABOUR OF OUR HEROES PAST (her face, that same face beams with smiles and light)

SHALL NEVER BE IN VAIN (beautiful picture of Nigerian flag proudly standing taller than others, cuts in and veils a face of rains of tears)

TO SERVE WITH HEART AND MIGHT (she moves her head here, she moves it there, accompanies that with a look half amazed, half amused)

ONE NATION BOUND IN FREEDOM, PEACE AND UNITY (she smiles a little, subjects the full size of her palm hand to the sevice of wiping her tears, all of them, she smiles a little more, raises up a face totally taken over by laughter and joy, lifts her hands to acknowledge cheers from everyone – the whites, the blacks, the reds, the brown, the Muslims, the Christian’s, the Jews, the Atheists, – in the stadium who were up standing for moments of Nigeria’s national anthem simply because of her victory).


“Years and years and years of work for one moment of perfection and history, and that is what it means to Tobi Amazon,” said the commentator, the dude that showered the champion with all the flowery words dictionary could afford.


You didn’t shed those tears alone, Tobi, you took many Nigerians who watched your moments to tears. Five times, I watched the video, five times I shed tears. The playback in my head of those moments has also forced some drops off my eyeballs as these moments you were in tears fluttered through my mind.

Hearty congratulation, Babe. I saw those moments you, to the amusement and excitement of those white guys in front of whom you shattered the World record, flashed some amazing dance steps to Kizz Daniel’s Buga, too..

Thank you, Champion, for giving all of us something sweet to savour, a few day-detour from politics of hate that is tearing ties and breaking bonds. Thank you, Tobi Amazing Amazon Amusan.

Nigeria shall rise. Hatred shall not win, we shall not yield. #love4allhatred4none

Adeola Yusuf, is the Team Lead, Platforms Africa

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