Power Minister Makes U-Turn On NERC’s Oversight Transfer To States

. Adelabu counter-self, says transfer of electricity regulatory oversight to states continues

The minister of power, Adebayo Adelabu, has backtracked on halting the transfer of electricity regulatory oversight to state governments.

Platforms Africa reports that the minister spoke on Monday at the two-day stakeholders workshop organised by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) in Lagos.

The workshop on the implementation of the Electricity Act had in attendance the 36 state commissioners of energy and power.

The minister’s statement comes a few days after he announced plans to halt the transfer of regulatory autonomy to states and conduct a test phase with a few states.

The announcement had caused confusion about whether the minister had the power to give such a directive against the Act.

However, at the workshop, Adelabu said the federal government would not go against the law.

“Granting of regulatory autonomy to states is a provision of the new Act and no one person can single-handedly go against the Act,” he said.

“It’s a provision of the law and no law-abiding officer of the state will want to go against the law. It is already included and it must be duly respected.”

Adelabu, however, said the event was to address the potential challenges that might surface while transitioning.

In April, the NERC transferred oversight of the electricity market to three states; Ondo, Ekiti and Enugu.

The Electricity Act obligates NERC to hand over within six months after a state follows the process in the law.

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